Dual Problems Require Dual Care

Co-occurring conditions are not unusual when it comes to addiction. Many people who have anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other mental health concerns often turn to substances to help manage their conditions. On the flip side, depression, anxiety, and similar mental health issues are often a result of addiction.

It does not matter if the mental health condition was the cause or the result of the addiction. What matters is that the person suffering from both of these conditions receives the proper care for both so that they can make a full recovery. You cannot be successful in treating one without treating the other problem.

When you are looking for an addiction recovery center program to help you overcome addiction, make sure that they can treat dual conditions. This ensures that if there are any other underlying issues that must be addressed, you will get the care you need.

Substance abuse counselors will make a difference

Part of recovering from any addiction is finding the root cause of that addiction. Unlike many people believe, addiction is not the result of poor choices or bad behavior. Addiction is the result of a person acting in a way to help manage other areas of their life that they believe they have lost control over.

For example, a person who has chronic pain and is not getting the right help from their medical care providers may find themselves self-medicating to help manage the pain. A person with PTSD may find themselves using a substance to help them stay calm or forget the trauma. A person with anxiety may use a substance to help them feel more confident or secure or numb the anxious feelings. There is always a root cause for the addiction.

The job of a substance abuse counselor

When you enter into drug rehab, it is the job of your substance abuse counselor to help you find the root cause of your addiction. It is also their job to help you get the help you need to manage this condition so that you can overcome the addiction. This is how they can help you successfully enter into recovery.

signs and symptoms of dual diagnosis

Signs of a dual disorder

The signs of a dual disorder will vary from person to person, but there are some general warning signs that a dual condition may be occurring:

  • Suicidal thoughts or actions that are only quashed when the substance is used
  • Sudden changes in behavior that cannot be justified in any way
  • Quick onset of anger – uncontrollable temper unless the substance is being used
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Delusional thinking, irrational justifications for using the substance
  • Avoiding responsibilities and not completing normal tasks
  • Avoiding social situations that were once enjoyed
  • Changing friend groups and being secretive about the new friends
  • Disappearing without notice and hiding where they have been
  • Erratic behaviors
  • Troubles with managing their finances or onset of financial troubles
  • Refusal to seek help for any type of medical condition

A dual diagnosis is a good thing – really

It may seem that having a dual diagnosis of any kind would be a negative thing. No one wants to have two medical conditions to manage. But when it comes to addiction, this may actually be a good diagnosis.

Finding out that there is an underlying cause that is contributing to the addiction allows you to treat that cause and manage the addiction better. When you feel better physically and emotionally, dealing with the addiction is much easier to manage. Knowing that you can do things to feel better, so you do not need to self-medicate to overcome the problem, is really a relief.

Recovery is empowering

Recovery is empowering

Your time in drug rehab will be empowering. You will take control of your physical and mental health and overcome addiction. You will learn new ways to manage your life and get the strength to create a future for yourself substance-free.

There are many benefits of entering into an addiction recovery center. The best benefit perhaps is the one you have when you leave – a new start.

Addiction can happen to anyone at any time and for many different reasons. What matters is that you get help for the addiction and any other medical conditions so that you can start building your new life.

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